Friday, May 14, 2010

School Playground Equipment

It has to be asked, is the school playground equipment in your child�s school a safe place to play?

School playground equipment increasingly strive to meet safety standards t ensure the safety of all students who use the equipment on school grounds.
With the rising cost of liability insurance, some schools have chosen to forego school playground equipment altogether, at the cost of fun for the children.

Other schools have chosen to review the safety of school playground equipment and select equipment that conforms to strict safety standards.

Around two hundred thousand children in the US each year are admitted to hospital emergency rooms with injuries from school playground equipment, although most of these cases are rarely reported in the mainstream media.

Most injuries occur when a child falls from the equipment onto the ground, however other injuries occur from sharp objects, splinters from old wooden school playground equipment, and from generally badly maintained play areas and equipment.

All schools should regularly check school playground equipment to ensure it meets safety standards, and to use common sense when installing new equipment.
All surfaces around school playground equipment should be made of a soft rubber compound which passes international safety standards. There are many companies who install this type of surface, and it is the basic building block of a safe playground.

School playground equipment should not have any sharp corners or protruding hooks or metal objects as this can cause fatal injuries to children.

All swing sets in school playground equipment should be a good distance from any other objects � 6 feet is recommended but more than this is even better.

There should be on hazards where a child can trip and fall over. This includes elevated concrete, steps, tree stumps, rocks and ramps or other unsafe surfaces.

Most importantly school playground equipment should be checked REGULARLY to ensure both the equipment and surfacing are in excellent condition.

In addition to these measures, it goes without saying that children using school playground equipment should always be supervised closely by a teacher on duty

If all the above safety measures are taken, you are well on the way to safe and enjoyable school playground equipment.