Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio department of education aims to ensure that each student is served by caring, competent, and qualified education professionals who meet the highest academic and ethical standards of the profession.

The Ohio department of education takes part in a project called the Data-Driven Decisions for Academic Achievement (D3A2) project.
This is a long term project focused on developing educators to improve instruction and student achievement.

The goals of the Ohio department of education�s D3A2 program is to improve educator�s proficiency in analyzing data to inform practices as well as contribute to a sustainable infrastructure to promote information based education practice across the state of Ohio.

The Ohio department of education also aims to leverage technology user groups, for example school districts and application vendors, to accelerate the integration of existing educational tools and the development of new data systems.

The Ohio department of education D3A2 project is Information Technology focused on ensuring that students in Ohio are at the forefront of information advances.

Ohio department of education uses a business approach in its organizational structure.
At the top there is a Superintendent of Public Instruction. This is currently Dr Susan Tave Zelman.
On the same level are the Associate Superintendent and the Chief of Staff.

Just below this is the Deputy Superintendent, which is Bob Bowers.

Other positions on the next level include Chief Operating Officer, and Associate Superintendents of various departments within Ohio department of education including Finance, Teaching Profession, Curriculum and Assessment and School Improvement.

By structuring the he Ohio department of education staff hierarchy into a business structure, there is a clear pathway to decision making and progress within the schools.
Above all of these positions is the State Board of Education to which all decisions relating to the v The Ohio department of education ultimately are decided by.

All minor issues within The Ohio department of education are dealt with by the hierarchy of staff within the state.

The Ohio department of education has one the better organized staffing systems within the United States.
Other states often look to Ohio for ideas on how to structure their own education board, unfortunately they often fall short of the high standards of the Ohio department of education.