Monday, February 8, 2010

School It Action Plan

A school it action plan can take place in many forms. Schools may decide their computer labs need an upgrade, requiring specialized technicians to either take away existing computers to upgrade them, or as is more often the case, the place an order with a computer vendor to provide brand new computer systems for the school it action plan.

Even though a school it action plan can be an expensive exercise, the benefits to students are wide ranging. Students who have access to the latest IT technology are far more likely to acquire the necessary skills to see them through their university years and on into the workforce. A good school it action plan will ensure that every single student in a school can access high tech computer systems to aid them in their studies and research.

The funding for a major school it action plan in public schools often comes from the government. A government grant may be given to a school to undertake a school it action plan or the school may use the regular government funds allocated to it each year.
In addition to government financial assistance, schools who are wanting to implement a school it action plan will hold special school fund raising days and events to contribute to the cost of the IT equipment that is required.

The benefits of a school it action plan are that teachers can provide better IT training to students when they have access to faster, more efficient computers. Slow computers in the classroom can greatly frustrate students, often leading them to become distracted and inattentive.
An effective school it action plan will assist students in more efficiently completing their class work, conducting research for assignments, and also undertaking extra curricular activities which require IT equipment, for example scanning, digital imaging and movie making via digital video camera's connected to computers.

All schools should have a school it action plan, even if they can not afford the equipment immediately, a plan should be established so that when it is time to purchase IT equipment, it will be known what is required and for what purpose it will be used for.
Having an effective school it action plan will put your school ahead of the rest when it comes to educating students in the field of computers and technology.