Monday, February 15, 2010

Massachusetts Private Schools

There are numerous Massachusetts private schools. So which do you choose for your child?

One particularly good example of Massachusetts private schools is the Cushing Academy private school.
Cushing Academy is located in Ashburnham, and opened its doors in 1865 to provide young men and women with an education that prepares them for a lifetime of learning.

It is the oldest one of the Massachusetts private schools that so happens to be a co-educational boarding school, the oldest of its type in the entire USA.

This particular Massachusetts private schools assists students in discovering the full range of their talents and interests by providing the highest education standards as well as other activities including sports and music events.

A good example of Massachusetts private schools, Cushing Academy has 371 boarding students.
259 of these are male and 190 female.
There are around 78 day students, meaning this school is one of the massachusetts private schools with more boarding students than day students.

The school caters for grades 9 to 12. Most Massachusetts private schools only cater for certain grades to assure students have very specific educational training according to their age.

All students at Cushing Academy are assigned their own unique email address, putting this school ahead of most other Massachusetts private schools who do not offer this service for their students.
The students also have internet access in most Massachusetts private schools; therefore they may research projects and also connect with students in other schools.

This is just one example of the many high standard Massachusetts private schools that you are able to choose from for your child�s education.