Thursday, December 24, 2009

Public Private Drift School

Public private drift school occurs when parents take their child out of a public school and put them into a private school, believing they will receive a better education at a public private drift school rather than just at a public school in the local area.

Some of the poorest families are spending thousands of dollars a year to send their children to private schools in the public private drift school increase.

Often grandparents are paying the school fees as public private drift school accelerates every year. Often parents can not afford the expenses on their own, so they ask their own parents for financial assistance.

Around one third of students in the world are victims of the public private drift school and attend private, non-government schools.

Fees for private schools rise every year, however this has not halted the public private drift school. Parents still believe their child will receive a better education in a private school and do not mind paying these high fees.

Some parents spend up to $20,000 per year due to the public private drift school. This is more than many households earn per year altogether, proving the gap between rich and poor is dramatically increasing every year.

Often said the public private drift school is led by medium-income families.
These families often have four jobs between two parents and these parents never have a holiday and they drive a 15-year-old car and live in a two-bedroom house.
They make enormous sacrifices for the education of their children in the public private drift school.

But is it worth it? Not really, as students receive excellent education in public schools so there is little reason to spend monstrous amounts of money at a private school, when this money could be spent on a mortgage or holidays.
The public private drift school however shows that many parents do not agree with this statement.

Many public private drift school students will notice a major different when they start attending a private school due t the increased expectations that comes with paying such high school fees. Many parents expect more from private school students.

It can be seen that public private drift school is on the increase; however it is up to your own personal taste of whether you feel your child can receive a better education in a private school.