Monday, December 21, 2009

Pros And Cons of School Uniforms

There are many pros and cons of school uniforms in public schools.
Some people believe school uniforms add a professional touch to students attending school and prepare them for the business world. Others argue that school uniforms restrict the freedom of students expressing their personality.
The pros and cons of school uniforms are varied and far-reaching; however the main factors are student safety, and the effects on learning.

Some of pros and cons of school uniforms are discussed in this article, where at the end you may draw your own conclusion of what is best for your child and whether you should send your children to a school with a school uniform policy.

Some pros of wearing school uniforms include saving the time of teachers whereby they do not need to constantly patrol what students are wearing and judge whether the clothing is inappropriate. This can place pressure on teachers as students become argumentative when told their clothing is not suitable for school.
School uniforms can distract students from their studies. This is one of the major cons in the pros and cons of school uniforms as students constantly worry about what they are wearing and how they are wearing it rather than worrying about school work.
They will also spend more time at home sorting through their clothes instead of completing homework.

Some of the pros and cons of school uniforms come down to safety factors. For example, if students are in multi color clothing, it is difficult to distinguish if there is a stranger on the school grounds. When children are wearing uniforms it is immediately noticeable when a foreign visitor enters the school property.

Some of the pros in the pros and cons of school uniforms include that students will be safer due to the fact that some students will choose to wear �gang� colors to school, which potentially intimidates other students. It is preferred that all students are dressed in a uniform fashion to prevent fights and warfare.

It is also wise to enforce school uniforms because of other pros and cons of school uniforms including the pro of students not succumbing to peer pressure over what style or brand of clothing they are wearing to school.

Often students can be quite harsh when comparing clothing with other kids and those without the top name brands and fashions may be bullied and intimidated by other more well off students.
This is a major hazard for student�s self esteem and growth, as well as their concentration on schoolwork.

As a parent, it is your choice whether you put your child into a school that enforces a school uniform policy. After you have weighed up the pros and cons of school uniforms you can make an informed decision of what is best for your child.