Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Middle School Cheerleaders

Middle school cheerleaders need to be fit and healthy; there is no doubt about that. When you see middle school cheerleaders performing it is obvious that they are put through training and fitness programs to maintain their health and good figures.

Middle school cheerleaders may be required to lift other cheerleaders in a pyramid style and to support pyramids, or a flyer that climbs atop the pyramids

Middle school cheerleaders need to be able to lift themselves and others into the air meaning a good level of physical fitness and strength is required.
High class middle school cheerleaders are built much like Olympic gymnasts, with powerful lower bodies for tumbling, jumping and climbing.

The best way for middle school cheerleaders to add strength is by incorporating modest weights into their training regime.
This can just mean holding light free weights in your hands or perhaps taking on more strenuous weight machines, it is up to the middle school cheerleaders if they feel they can handle the task.

Even small amounts of weight will add muscle to middle school cheerleaders arms when they add this resistance over a high number of repetitions.
Middle school cheerleaders should start off slowly when beginning to work out, and as time progresses may move on to heavier exercises.
Adding a lot of weight, but then swinging it around with momentum is not going to help. Middle school cheerleaders should choose a lighter weight that they can slowly raise and lower; this will provide the resistance training most beneficial for middle school cheerleaders.

Middle school cheerleaders should not add weights to their feet, ankles, or legs during aerobic exercise, as these can place strain on supporting joints.

The best way for middle school cheerleaders to add strength to their lower body is to perform targeted repetitions on weight machines.
Every decent gym has several machines designed solely to strengthen the lower body.

Strength training is especially important for male middle school cheerleaders, as they are usually the ones lifting people onto their shoulders or tossing people into the air.
But a bit of strength training benefits all middle school cheerleaders.