Sunday, November 8, 2009

Schools Out For Summer

The Alice Cooper hit schools out for summer is the classic teenage seventies song schools out for summer is considered to be Alice Cooper's signature song and the one that brought him a great amount of fame, success and fortune

Schools out for summer was the highest selling single ever for Alice Cooper
It reached number seven on the US charts in 1972 and reached number one in the UK in the same year.
The album itself, released in the summer of 1972, reached number two and sold over one million copies.

The schools out for summer album the album had a very unique design which appealed to the youth of the day in the 1970�s, in particular young men.
The album cover unfolded like a classroom desk but inside the desk was a record enclosed in a pair of pink female underwear. This was quite daring in the conservative seventies and Cooper was quickly labeled �gothic� by unwitting parents and commentators alike.

The schools out for summer album track listing contained the following songs -
School's Out, Luney Tune, Gutter Cat vs. The Jets, Street Fight, Blue Turk, My Stars, Public Animal #9, Alma Mater, Grand Finale.

Schools out for summer elevated Alice Cooper to cult status around the world with his fans. They chanted the chorus of schools out for summer �Schools out for summer, schools out forever�

schools out for summer was a brash, 3 � minute thrash rock song turned anthem as millions of seventy�s school kids adopted it as their anthem.
The lyrics of schools out for summer sound rebellious and teenage angst, but the rest pokes fun at people who do not go to school (i.e. adults).

While schools out for summer might come across as being anti-school, it is actually a parody of teen angst which a lot of people at the time did not pick up on.

The Alice Cooper single and album schools out for summer defined the 70�s more than any other song of its time, and is still played on radio today.
Ask your parents if you like � it is likely they can tell you all about their experiences in the seventies with Alice Cooper playing in the background.