Monday, November 16, 2009

Lighting In School Systems

Does lighting in school systems affect a child�s work?
In most cases the answer is yes. If there is inadequate lighting in school systems, children will not be able to see the blackboard clearly, therefore disrupting and halting their learning.
These children who are affected by low lighting in school systems are often seen as trouble makers, however the real cause of their inattentiveness is often the simple fact that they can not see what is going on, therefore they lose all interest.

Lighting in school systems should be bright enough for all students to be able to see what they are doing as well as to see what is happening at the front of the room. If lighting in school systems is of poor quality, student work quality will suffer, and often behavior problems will occur.
If lighting in school systems is too bright, this can cause eye strain for students, leading them to eventually need to wear glasses - something that no students want to endure.

Providing sufficient lighting in school systems is neither a difficult nor highly expensive task. It is something tat should be thought of the minute the school is built, saving time later as the lighting in school systems will already be in place.

Often lighting in school systems can be installed by local contract workers who will attend the school and install the required lighting in specific classrooms.
This can be done on weekends or after school hours to save disruption of class activities.

All schools with good lighting in school systems report an increase in student attentiveness and participation. If a student can see what the teacher is writing on the board at the front of the classroom, he will be more inclined to participate that if he were unable to see due to poor lighting in school systems.

It is obvious that lighting in school systems is a vital, but often overlooked, aspect of our children�s schools. It is important for their learning, participation and also for their eyesight.

If your school has poor lighting in the classrooms, be sure to speak up and request a change in the lighting infrastructure � it will do more harm than good if you don�t say anything at all.