Friday, October 30, 2009

High School Showers

High school showers are often places not many students want to attend.
Students of this age are at the height of puberty and often so self-conscious the last thing they want to do is strip naked and get into high school showers.

A lot of high school showers are built without any privacy partitions. Often students are told to use the shower after swimming and sports classes, and some school make this school policy regardless of parental opinions and student�s wishes of using high school showers.

Forcing students to use high school showers is thought to be borderline illegal by some parents, who have gone to the length of holding school meetings with principals and writing letters to council members to complain of the issue of lack of privacy in high school showers at the child�s school.

High school showers has been a controversial issue in recent years, with more and more public schools bowing to pressure from parents and groups to eliminate required showers from sports and swimming classes.

It is argued children can still play sport at school without requiring a shower afterwards as they are only at school for a short amount of hours and can shower once they arrive home.
While personal hygiene for elementary, middle, and high school students is an important life lesson, privacy should come first when it comes to high school showers.

Some people argue that students should have mandatory showers after every PE lesson as a way to encourage them to develop good hygiene.

Some say it is ideal to have students start the habit of high school showers earlier in life, before puberty and peer pressure sets in. If they start taking showers at around age 10 they will become accustomed to the chore and are less likely to reject it later in life.

A recent spokesman for the high school showers policy said �Even though there are invariably some parents and students who will adamantly object to the lack of privacy during required school showers, teachers and administrators need to be steadfast in upholding this important school policy. Public schools have a basic responsibility to try and help to get students ready for some of the things that may well come up in their life.�

It can be clearly seen that high school showers is a controversial topic with parents only wanting the best for their children�s comfort, but schools taking a hard-line stance.
In the end, it is your choice to send your child to a school where you are happy with the showering policy.