Sunday, October 25, 2009

High School Girls

High school girls represent a female who attends high school from anywhere from Grade 7 to Grade 12. High school girls generally begin to mature at age 14 and this continues until they leave high school, anywhere from age 17 to 19.

It is often said that high school girls who are trusted by her parents in her high school years will have a stronger relationship with her parents compared to high school girls who are not shown trust by their parents.

Many high school girls who are put down and not trusted by their parents will turn to their friends for advice and assistance, rather than turning to their parents as should be the case.

In most cases high school girls at the age of 14 and above will take a greater interest in young boys, music, shopping and other adolescent things than she does in her school studies and assignments.
Although this can be a major issue with the parents of high school girls, it is advised that parents allow them to have a certain amount of freedom to do as she pleases (within reason), to enable her to make the smooth transition from school girl to young woman.

By restricting the freedom of high school girls, parents risk causing the opposite intended effect of being over-protective, and that is that high school girls may begin to lie and disrespect her parents.

If high school girls are not granted a certain amount of freedom and responsibility in her teenage and adolescent year, they often grow up rejecting and resenting their parents. This can result in rebelling against parent�s wishes, as high school girls will hold little respect for parents who did not allow her freedom and show her their trust.

Parents should encourage high school girls to obtain a part time job, and to spend at least one hour per evening studying and doing homework.
If the student is aware of this life-balance rule, she will not spend all of her free time with friends, but rather only some of it.

It is ultimately up to you as a parent as to what happens in your daughters transition from high school girls to young woman.