Saturday, October 24, 2009

High School Fights

High schools fights are becoming more and more common in modern day society.
It has been argued that music, movies and video games are too blame for increased high school fights, but are there other reasons?

High school fights have been known to turn into near riots, with students using cell phones to gather other students to the fight scene to join the high school fights.

In Partingon at Broadoak High School, a fifteen year old schoolboy died in a high school fight.
Two fourteen year old boys were the likely suspects.
This case sadly is not the only one showing high school fights are on the increase and are becoming deadly.

It is thought bullying is the first indication of high school fights, with bullied students likely to end up outnumbered in a fight at school, often putting them in grave danger.

There are ways to prevent high school fights. These can include teachers assisting students who believe they are being bullied and may be the target of a high school fight.
High school students should be taught to talk to each other about their problems rather than resorting to violence in high school fights.

Counseling sessions for particularly troubled students can also be a consideration in schools to prevent high school fights.
Parents should also play a major role in educating their student about conflict resolution, and by displaying appropriate, non-violent behavior at home.
It is thought students who are exposed to violence in the home are much more likely to end up in high school fights.

To be effective, violence prevention programs require community efforts that include students, families, teachers, staff, law enforcement, emergency response staff, security professionals, parents and more.
School administrators should bring together all of the above people to develop strategies appropriate for their school and community environments to help prevent high school fights.

To stop high school fights, teachers and parents especially must work together to assist students in finding other means to vent their frustration.
A good way of doing this is encouraging participating in sporting events.
It has been proven that students who spend more time playing sport are less likely to be involved in high school fights.

We all have a part to play in preventing high school fights; it is only when we really take action that the results will be seen for themselves.