Saturday, September 12, 2009

School Girl

The term school girl can refer to many different things, depending on who you are talking to.
In general, a school girl represents a female who attends school from anywhere from Kindergarten to Grade 12. A university student is not usually referred to as a school girl because she will be eighteen by the time she reaches tertiary education level.

Usually a school girl at the age of 14 and above will take more interest in boys, music, shopping and general "teenage" things than she does in her school work.
Although this can be a major issue with the parents of a school girl, it is advised that you allow your daughter a certain amount of freedom in her spare time, to enable her to make the smooth transition from school girl to young woman.

If a school girl is not granted a certain amount of freedom and responsibility in her teenage and adolescent year, the school girl often grows up rejecting and resenting her parents. Often this will result in rebelling against parent�s wishes, as the school girl will hold little respect for the parents who did not allow her freedom and show her their trust.

By restricting the freedom of a school girl, parents risk causing the opposite intended effect of being over-protective, and that is that the school girl will begin to lie and disrespect her parents for fear that they do not allow the school girl to take part in activities with her friends, or perhaps to stay out a little later on weekends.

It is often said that a school girl who is trusted by her parents in her teenage years will grow closer to her parents later in life.
Many students and teenagers who are oppressed by their parents will turn to their friends for advise and assistance in life, rather than turning to their parents.

For a school girl, this process can result in a rather dangerous prospect � if a school begins to trust and rely on a male friend, this can end in disastrous consequences if the male friend is not of good character.
With a little trust and respect from her parents, this school girl will live a safer and happier life and turn to her parents for support, rather than (often older) members of the opposite sex.

Parents should encourage their school girl to obtain a weekend job, and to spend at least one hour per evening studying and doing homework. If the student is aware of this life-balance, she will not spend all of her free time with friends, but rather only some of it.

The above advice is a good starting point for parents who may be worried about their daughter�s whereabouts when she is not in school.
It is ultimately up to you as a parent as to what happens in your daughters transition from school girl to young woman.