Thursday, September 3, 2009

Public Spankings In School

Should public spankings in school be allowed? The resounding answer is no, however this has not always been the case.
As we have all heard from our parents, public spankings in school were common place in the "old" days.
In modern day however, public spankings in school is taboo. Teachers who conduct public spankings in school are dismissed from their job immediately and often reported to police - a far cry from the discipline systems from days gone by.

The psychological damage caused by public spankings in school is significant. Students often grow up thinking that it is acceptable to solve problems and disagreements with violence.
Public spankings in school are not the correct action to take against a student or students who resort to violence in school, or who may simply misbehave.

Although public spankings in school may still be taking place in some countries in the world, most western civilized countries no longer conduct public spankings in school, instead they provide discipline in another manners including detention and expulsion from school.

When a child misbehaves, the cause of this misbehavior must be established, rather than resorting to public spankings in school.
If the cause of the problem is not found, the student will continue to offend regardless of receiving public spankings in school.

A child who is forced to endure public spankings in school often develops a negative attitude to school, as well as to life in general as they feel that they are continually being punished when in fact they just have a problem that is in need of being solved. Public spankings in school are not the correct method to solve these problems.

Until public spankings in school are completely banned in all parts of the world, we will continue to see students not only physically afflicted, but suffering mental scars from having ti endure public spankings in school, and this is something that no parents want to see happening to their child.

Therefore it is up to parents to speak up and vote against public spankings in school in your local school as this is the only way action will be taken against this horrible practice.