Thursday, September 17, 2009

Asbestos Education

Is asbestos education up to the standard that it should be to combat and prevent further cases of disease and death relating to this awful substance?
In most places in the world, asbestos education is sub par to say the least.

A survey carried out on 100 staff members aged between 19 and 65 has indicated that far more is needed to in asbestos education to teach the public about the dangers of asbestos exposure.

Shockingly over 70% of the people questioned had never heard of mesothelioma, and had no idea that it was a form of cancer. This showed that In recent years, asbestos education has been identified as being the lowest funded of all cancers despite the rapidly rising figures in mesothelioma cases was virtually non existent.

20% had heard of mesothelioma but were not familiar with any of the symptoms or causes of mesothelioma.
Only 8% of those questioned actually knew what mesothelioma was and had any idea about its link with asbestos, proving they had little asbestos education.

It has been claimed for a long time in countries such as the UK, the US and Australia that more support and asbestos education is required into the effects of asbestos and the symptoms of mesothelioma.

In recent years, asbestos education has been identified as being the lowest funded of all cancers despite the rapidly rising figures in disease caused by asbestos.

The study involved people from a broad range of backgrounds and of a wide range of ages It may have been small but is thought to be indicative of the ignorance of the public when it comes to mesothelioma and asbestos education.

Only those that have been affected personally or through family or friends had a good knowledge of the issues, and it is thought that even doctors still asbestos education.

Action on these results has been taken in one location � New South Wales, Australia.
The government has committed $100,000 to improving community education about the dangers of asbestos.

Workplace Relations Minister John Della Bosca made the announcement during National Asbestos Awareness Week.
He says a state Government-funded program will be established to ensure home owners and renovators are aware of the risks of dealing with asbestos.
The program will raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos in the community, through local councils, hospitals, libraries, shopping centers and the media.

This is essential asbestos education for all people, as no one is safe from the dangers of asbestos. It is hoped that other regions and countries will follow suit.

Asbestos education will not stop people dying who were exposed to asbestos early in their life; however it is sure to prevent more deaths caused by this horrific substance, which will make asbestos education well worth the time and money spent on it.