Monday, July 13, 2009

Uniforms Sexy For School

In recent years it has been noted that some students are making uniforms sexy for school rather than wearing them in a business-like manner.
Uniforms sexy for school is often thought to be brought upon by modern day influences such as music videos and movies, which often portray women as objects wearing revealing clothing.

All schools encourage the wearing of proper attire at school and not uniforms sexy for school.
Any uniform that disrupts a learning environment is usually not permitted.

Uniforms sexy for school can include clothing that is too small or too revealing and more often than not female's are the culprits in wearing uniforms sexy for school, not males.

In one US school, a female student who wore a tank top which was deemed uniforms sexy for school was asked to return home to change the top as it was too revealing.

Mt Lebanon High School principal Zeb Jansante has been enforcing a policy to ban and weed out uniforms sexy for school. This new enforcement was introduced after many parents and teachers complained about uniforms sexy for school getting in the way of students learning and concentration.

Often students are wearing midriff tops, short skirts and shorts, tank tops, undone buttons and tight fitting clothes with holes in them, all of which are considered uniforms sexy for school.

Uniforms sexy for school distract students from learning in the classroom due to the fact that they often talk about what they are wearing, rather than their homework from last night.
This in turn affects their grades come test time.
Often in co-education schools, female students will be more concerned with attracting the attention of male students instead of worrying about studying for their exams or performing well in class.

Often parents are not aware of their child wearing uniforms sexy for school as the child leaves the house in normal school clothes but will change before getting to school.

Most schools are now enforcing similar laws to the above mentioned schools to outlaw uniforms sexy for school.
This will only ensure student's concentrate on what they are at school to do, and that is to learn.