Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too Much Emphasis On Sports In Public Schools

It has been said that there is too much emphasis on sports in public schools. Some schools in particular make heroes out of their football players, but pay little recognition to the high academic achievers.
Too much emphasis on sports in public schools can lead to students decreasing their focus on education, and pursuing sporting interests instead as they believe they will be rewarded for sporting achievements and not educational pursuits.

Often students will choose easily electives in high school to allow them to have more time to participate in school sporting events. This too much emphasis on sports in public schools will greatly endanger the chances of many students gaining entry to college or university as many simply do not have the mathematical and arithemetic skills required to be admitted to tertiary education institions.

Whilst many students may believe they are destined for sporting greatness, only 0.001% of school students will ever succeed in a sport and be able to make a living off it, meaning too much emphasis on sports in public schools places most students in grave danger of affecting their entire life.

Schools often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading gym and sporting equipment, to the detriment of educational tools and programs. While we all agree sport and physical acitivty is vital for young students, too much emphasis on sports in public schools and too much money spent on sporting programs only detracts and distracts students and teachers from the bigger picture of education.

So we can see that placing too much emphasis on sports in public schools is a hazard not only for the students themselves, but for the future of the community at large. The goal of a school is to produce bright, intelligent young adults, not dreamers who think they are the next Michael Jordan.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top Boarding Schools

Top boarding schools exist all around the world, which means if you are looking for a private school for your child, choosing from the top boarding schools ensures your child is in a happy and productive learning environment at their boarding school.

There are top boarding schools as well as affordable boarding schools all around the United States. Some of the Christian boarding schools are listed at top boarding schools, while others are not run by religious organizations.

Parents who are evaluating top boarding schools for their child who might be struggling in a normal school may feel overwhelmed by all the options.

Often young people find it difficult to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Children and teens get many of their messages about how to act from inappropriate sources - from an individual peer group or the larger peer culture.
Putting your child in one of the top boarding schools ensures they are on the right track to success in life.

Top boarding schools can address a child’s behavior and help them catch up academically and improve their school work which can give them hope for their academic and personal future.

There are specialty top boarding schools for teens with ADHD or other learning differences which can significantly ease the burden on parents whilst looking after their child during this difficult period. It is possible to send a child off to boarding school for one year, just to give yourself a break. This way you do not miss out on your child growing up altogether.

These boarding schools and other programs for troubled teens emphasize personal responsibility and the need to understand the consequences of certain behavior.
Teens are removed from the environment where they have become to comfortable and are placed in a situation where they learn to recognize negative behavior and make better choices.

Teens who attend top boarding schools can make remarkable advances in academic performance and attitudes in a concentrated period of time.
They return home with a new, more positive outlook on life.

The aim of the parent and the student will influence the amount of time spent at a boarding school.
Some top boarding schools will accept students for shorter periods than a year – for example, for just a term (about two and a half months).

It is vital you become in educated in the choices when selecting a boarding school for your child – it may be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Uniforms Sexy For School

In recent years it has been noted that some students are making uniforms sexy for school rather than wearing them in a business-like manner.
Uniforms sexy for school is often thought to be brought upon by modern day influences such as music videos and movies, which often portray women as objects wearing revealing clothing.

All schools encourage the wearing of proper attire at school and not uniforms sexy for school.
Any uniform that disrupts a learning environment is usually not permitted.

Uniforms sexy for school can include clothing that is too small or too revealing and more often than not female's are the culprits in wearing uniforms sexy for school, not males.

In one US school, a female student who wore a tank top which was deemed uniforms sexy for school was asked to return home to change the top as it was too revealing.

Mt Lebanon High School principal Zeb Jansante has been enforcing a policy to ban and weed out uniforms sexy for school. This new enforcement was introduced after many parents and teachers complained about uniforms sexy for school getting in the way of students learning and concentration.

Often students are wearing midriff tops, short skirts and shorts, tank tops, undone buttons and tight fitting clothes with holes in them, all of which are considered uniforms sexy for school.

Uniforms sexy for school distract students from learning in the classroom due to the fact that they often talk about what they are wearing, rather than their homework from last night.
This in turn affects their grades come test time.
Often in co-education schools, female students will be more concerned with attracting the attention of male students instead of worrying about studying for their exams or performing well in class.

Often parents are not aware of their child wearing uniforms sexy for school as the child leaves the house in normal school clothes but will change before getting to school.

Most schools are now enforcing similar laws to the above mentioned schools to outlaw uniforms sexy for school.
This will only ensure student's concentrate on what they are at school to do, and that is to learn.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Walhalla Public School

Walhalla public school is located at 605 10th Street, Walhalla, North Dakota.
Walhalla public school consists of grades from Kindergarten up to Grade 12.
The school offers many activities, programs and organizations to students, including Student of the Month, sporting events, field trips and school parties.

The elementary department of Walhalla public school has a total of 170 students and 12 teachers.
The school is made up of predominately white students (85%) and only one percent African-American.

Walhalla public school has a total expenditure of $2,099,000 per year. This amounts to approximately $6,559 spent on each child per year throughout the whole school.

Walhalla public school enrolls 830 students in grades 9 to 12.
Most students come from blue-collar families in the low to middle income range.
Fifteen percent of students are eligible for free and reduced lunch plans.

Because of the school’s location in a storm-prone area, special “storm policies” ensure students know when it is not safe to attend Walhalla public school.
The closure of the school is reported on local radio stations, rather than have parents contact the school.

Walhalla public school parties are able to be organized with the principal of the school, and upon approval, are held usually on the last day of a school semester or preceding a weekend.
Guests are allowed at Walhalla public school parties; however they must be under 21 years of age.

Senior students are granted privileges at Walhalla public school. Some of the privileges include using e-mail during study hall, politely cutting the lunch line, leave the school during lunch and can elect to not stay in study halls.
Senior privileges allows older students to experience responsibility and decision making – something Walhalla public school staff feel is vital for when they enter the real world.

Another student incentive in the school is the Student of the Month program.
Students are chosen based on varying criteria, including; attendance, academic effort, participation in school activities or events as well as other factors.
Walhalla students have a reputation for take demanding courses, gaining more credits and maintaining high test results.
Placement and follow-up data from colleges and employers reveal that Walhalla public school graduates are on the road to success.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Windsor Woods + Virginia Beach Public Schools

Windsor woods + virginia beach public schools is a primary school in Virginia Beach City County, VA.
If you are looking for a school for your child in the area of Virginia Beach City County, windsor woods + virginia beach public schools may be an excellent choice for the education of your child.

The school grades catered for at windsor woods + virginia beach public schools are K-5.
Although the school has a slightly above average ratio of 1 teacher for every 15 students, children do receive a high level pf tuition on the classroom at windsor woods + virginia beach public schools.

There are a total of 430 students at Windsow Woods Elementary and many people consider it one of, if not the best windsor woods + virginia beach public schools in the area.

The school has a predominately white population, with 64% of students being of anglo-saxon origin, and 23% are African-American.
There is also a small Asian and Hispanic presence in the windsor woods + virginia beach public schools.

The area is not a poor area, and most students are not eligible for free or discounted lunch. In fact only 17% of students are eligible for free lunch, and only 15% are eligible for reduced lunch. The state average for free lunch eligibility is 28%, putting windsor woods + virginia beach public schools in a relatively well-off social class.

Windsor woods + virginia beach public schools have a total revenue of $480 million, and a total expenditure of $455 million.
This equates to average amount spent per student at windsor woods + virginia beach public schools to be approximately $6000 per year.

Windsor woods + virginia beach public schools adhere to the national act of No Child Left Behind which sets an academic standard that students must meet before a review of the school takes place.

The motto of windsor woods + virginia beach public schools is “Doctrina Est Perpetua” or “"Life Long Learning."
This is an apt motto for a school which continually sets high standards for its students, and provides an excellent education base for all children who attend.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Developing A School Wide Discipline System

Developing a school wide discipline system is greatly beneficial to the functionality of any school as well as to the safety of the students and teaching staff.

Today's schools are increasingly teaching children from dysfunctional homes, children living in poverty, kids of teenage parents as well as special education students. This is why we desperately need to start developing a school wide discipline system in all schools.

Resources to serve the problems presented by these students are becoming increasingly limited.
Adequate parental supervision and control of these students has weakened, and many students have diminished respect for all forms of authority, including the authority of school personnel. As a result, schools are confronted with problems of students possessing weapons, students involved with gang recruitment and rivalry, and students engaged in drug trafficking, both as sellers and buyers. The commencement of a developing a school wide discipline system ensures that these issues are dealt with in a swift and organized manner.

Behavior problems with students can lead to violent acts in and around schools.
By developing a school wide discipline system, we can potentially eliminate these problems in a legal manner.
In order to create a safe environment that is conducive to learning, schools need to think about developing a school wide discipline system to enhance safety plans and prevention programs that address the root causes of violence in schools.

By developing a school wide discipline system, schools can establish the strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness of the student.
A good system will identify a set of values and outcomes that will drive an effective discipline and student support system;

Developing a school wide discipline system should include developing a revised set of policies and practices that promotes and teaches problem solving skills.

Schools need to identify tools, strategies, and programs that enhance the safety and success of all children and teachers. Developing a school wide discipline system can assist in this goal

Staff have a duty to provide children with a safe, secure, and peaceful environment in which learning can occur. Developing a school wide discipline system ensures that well behaved students are rewarded by having trouble makers removed and discipline in a fair manner.

Only by developing a school wide discipline system can we begin to rectify the behavioral problems that are plaguing our children’s schools.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Continuing Education Insurance Adjuster

Continuing education insurance adjuster in claims is very important for claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators because new laws and court decisions frequently affect how claims are handled or who is covered by insurance policies.

Continuing education insurance adjuster courses discuss the format of policies and suggest ways for the learner to navigate the policy language.
The continuing education insurance adjuster extract the most important elements from the policy language and present that information in a way the learner can use in explaining policy provisions to clients and prospective clients.

Continuing education insurance adjuster correspondence courses via the Internet makes long-distance learning possible and effective.
Workers also can earn continuing education insurance adjuster credits by writing articles for claims publications or by giving lectures and presentations.

Many continuing education insurance adjuster examiners choose to earn professional certifications and designations for independent recognition of their professional expertise. Although requirements for these designations vary, many entail up to ten years experience in the claims field and passing examinations. In addition, a certain number of continuing education insurance adjuster credits must be earned each year to retain the designation.

Also, continuing education insurance adjuster examiners working on life and health claims must be familiar with new medical procedures and prescription drugs.
Many companies offer training sessions to inform their employees of industry changes. Many schools and associations give courses and seminars on various topics having to do with continuing education insurance adjuster.

An example course of continuing education insurance adjuster might include an introduction, then a Businessowners Property Coverage Forms, Businessowners Liability Coverage Form - Coverage and Exclusions and Businessowners Program Endorsements
Which will enable people to analyze the need for adjustments in coverage under the Businessowners Policy, and to recommend key endorsements to fit selected needs.

It can be seen that continuing education insurance adjuster courses are an essential way for industry people to upgrade their skills and keep in line with current policies.

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