Sunday, June 28, 2009

Child Sex Education

Child sex education is an important topic that is increasingly being taught to children of a younger and younger age. Child sex education in many schools is a real structured class, often taught once a week, with the aim of making children as young as ten aware of sexual issues, pregnancy, STD risks and general relationship advice. Child sex education aims to prevent as much as possible the rising teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease rate in modern day society.

Teens should also be aware that sex is not always what it is made out to be on television or in movies, and that they may be disappointed or even let down by the culminating act, particular girls who, when with a male of such a young age, are rarely treated with "love" but rather just as a pleasure objects for young men.

It has been studied that around 30% of people do not have sex again with the person they first had intercourse with. Child sex education often teaches that sex should be with someone you love however reality shows that this is rarely the case.
This shows that first time sex is often more of a game than an act of love or affection with a meaningful partner.

Child sex education should teach students to ask themselves if they rally do want to have sex at a young age
If teens feel they want to do it because they are being pressured or perhaps because they are having relationship problems, child sex education teaches teenagers of the need to stop and think if having sex is the correct path to take, as it rarely cures any of the above problems. In fact it can drastically make them worse.

Many teens watch television shows and movies and fantasize that sex will be just like it is on TV. Child sex education is the only way to squash these fantasies and point out reality before it is too late for the students. Once they have had sex the first time, they can never go back.
Movies will often portray sex as a walk in-walk out affair; however this is not the case in real life. Teens can not just walk away from sexual mistakes as actors do in a movie, and child sex education needs to heavily focus on this aspect of sexuality.

Child sex education is an invaluable opportunity to help children and teens alike learn the lessons of life at an early age. Once they realize that sex is not a cure for all this is wrong in their life, and that they are far more likely to enjoy it when they are mature, the sooner we can reduce the high pregnancy rate and hence lengthen the teenage life of children who are far too often being forced into adulthood too quickly.