Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alice Cooper Schools Out

When you say the name “Alice Cooper”, the first song you undoubtedly think of is the classic “Schools Out”.
Alice Cooper Schools Out is considered to be Alice Cooper's signature song.

Alice Cooper Schools Out was his highest ever selling single, reaching number 7 on the US charts in 1972 and number one in the UK.
The album itself, released in the summer of 1972, reached number two and sold over one million copies.

While Alice Cooper Schools Out comes across as being anti-school, it is actually a parody of teen angst. The song is an obvious parody, with lines such as “Well we got no class; And we got no principles (principals); And we got no innocence; We can't even think of a word that rhymes”

The opening lyrics of Alice Cooper Schools Out and the closing lyrics sound rebellious, but the rest pokes fun at people who do not go to school.

Alice Cooper Schools Out was a brash, 3 ½ minute thrash rock song turned anthem as millions of seventy’s school kids adopted it as their anthem.

The title of Alice Cooper Schools Out was established by accident Alice himself was watching a television show called Dead End Kids. When Mugs, one of the kids, told his friend Sach – “Hey Sach, School’s Out!” – it spawned the song title of the most defining song Cooper would write.

Alice Cooper Schools Out the album had a unique design which appealed to the youth of the day, particularly young men. The album cover unfolded like a classroom desk. Inside the ‘desk’ was a record encased in a pair of pink female underwear.

The track listing of the album Alice Cooper Schools Out consisted of the following songs;
School's Out, Luney Tune, Gutter Cat vs. The Jets, Street Fight, Blue Turk, My Stars, Public Animal #9, Alma Mater, Grand Finale.

With the defining chorus of “School's out for summer, school's out forever” Cooper was elevated to cult status around the world with Alice Cooper Schools Out, with students chanting the song at their graduations, proms, and even Friday afternoon celebrations.