Thursday, June 18, 2009

Against School Uniform

Are you for or against school uniform?
School uniforms can be a good or bad idea depending on who you talk to.
Uniforms can make a difference to a child's academic performance, so it has to be asked why someone would be against school uniform.

People against school uniform say they infringe on the child's creativity and self expression.
Another reason against school uniform is that it may impact upon religious clothing. For example, Muslim students may be forced to wear clothing that does not comply with their religious beliefs.

Another argument against school uniform is that uniforms will lessen children's individualism and creativity by not allowing them to choose their clothing as they please, but rather be in an "army" of students all looking exactly the same.

Some students might be against school uniform because it makes them feel uncomfortable if the uniform does not suit them. They may feel ashamed and embarrassed and may even avoid attending school altogether because they are against school uniform.

Most students work better in clothes they are comfortable in.
Often school uniforms are made of heavy, non-breathable material which can make students very uncomfortable on hot humid days. This can also pose health risks as students sweat in their uniforms due to the fact the heavy material does not allow air to penetrate to the skin. This can cause rashes which in turn make the wearing of uniform even more uncomfortable

Parents against school uniform argue that it just adds additional costs to the everyday cost of living. In addition to normal clothing they now have to purchase extra uniform clothing for their kids, and often uniforms are very overpriced and only available from a small amount of stores.

Another point against school uniform is that some students feel frustrated because they cannot pick out what they wear to school. This frustration can make them violent, leading to fights and disruptions in class.

In conclusion, the argument against school uniform is a strong one and should be considered seriously when a school is making the uniform policy.