Saturday, January 19, 2008

Livonia Public Schools Webmail

Livonia public schools webmail allows teachers and students to have an email address which they may access from the livonia public schools webmail server. The web address or URL for livonia public schools webmail is

livonia public schools webmail is an initiative whereby teachers may communicate with one another by email. It also allows students to have a secure email address where they may correspond with each other, and even correspond with their teachers using the livonia public schools system.

This can come in handy when a student has a homework or assignment problem, they may access the livonia public schools webmail system at home and the teacher may also access his email at home, thereby they can communicate outside of school hours.

A disadvantage of the implementation of the livonia public schools webmail is that teachers may be expected by students to be available at all hours of the day, even on weekends. Most teachers do not want to be contactable by students out of school time, therefore may not check their livonia public schools webmail outside of school hours.

The livonia public schools webmail is located on a secure server, which is indicated by the "https" at the beginning of the web address.By existing on a secure server, it is ensures that teachers and students accessing livonia public schools webmail have their details encrypted when logging into their email inbox.The password of people logging into livonia public schools webmail will be scrambled and hashed into unrecognizable characters by the secure server, which means hackers can not see the password that is being entered by the person logging in to livonia public schools webmail.

Secure servers use SSL or Secure Socket Layer to provide encryption technologies to forms on a web page, so the data you type in can not be read and tampered with. This is especially important for the livonia public schools webmail system as the teachers emails are private and confidential and any breach of privacy can cause security issues for the school.

The livonia public schools webmail system is a brave step forward for schools, however it remains to be seen whether other schools will follow suit and implement their own webmail system.