Wednesday, January 16, 2008

High School Boarding Schools

Going to high school boarding schools is not an easy decision. Students must adjust to a new environment and the physical separation from family and old friends can make the decision to attend high school boarding schools emotionally difficult for everyone involved. Financial costs are also a consideration. Is it worth it? Could the same education and experience be offered by a normal school?

Depending on where you live, local schooling options can compare to high school boarding schools in several ways. Nearby private day schools or public high schools can have very highly qualified staff. Academic and extracurricular offerings can also be equally challenging as that offered by high school boarding schools.

Academics at high school boarding schools operate at high standards. Students are pushed to ask questions and to become inquisitive and tackle challenging problems. High school boarding schools generally have small class sizes that help teachers engage every student in the classroom. Classroom settings in high school boarding schools are often specifically designed to encourage student participation and eye contact among everyone in class.

The majority of high school boarding schools faculty has advanced degrees in either education or another specialty. Student resources at high school boarding schools such as the library, theater facilities, or athletic complexes can often be superior relative to local options.

Course choices at high school boarding schools offer a wide range of topics. Athletic and extracurricular options are to be broad as well in high school boarding schools, which encourage students to try new things. Many high school boarding schools also offer opportunities to study in different countries for a period of time.

High school boarding schools often have a goal to not only educate students in the classroom, but to also help them become better individuals. So while high school boarding schools often do very well at educating students academically in ways that may be better than local schooling options, other benefits of high school boarding schools should also be considered.

Keep this in mind as you research high school boarding schools options. As you look at various high school boarding schools, see if you can also picture your son or daughter there. Good luck!