Monday, January 7, 2008

Dalton Ohio School System

The dalton ohio school system has seventy one schools spread around a 90-square-mile districtThe dalton ohio school system is raising student achievement inside the classroom while rebuilding and renovating its school buildings into modern 21st century learning environments.

The dalton ohio school system has demonstrated continuous improvement over the past five years in overall district performance, reading and math scores, graduation rate, student attendance and high-school academic performance.

The dalton ohio school system are a part of the Cincinnati Public Schools education department which serves about 37,870 students in preschool through 12th grade. Students may select from a variety of educational programs, including 19 high schools with specific focuses; 20 elementary magnet schools offering seven programs such as the arts, foreign language plus a wide selection of neighborhood elementary schools.

The dalton ohio school system is now ranked in the Continuous Improvement category meaning the school district has repeatedly met high standards of improvement.

dalton ohio school system’s administration credited the recent report card gains to the hard work of students, teachers, administrators and parents. Three major components are leading the district's improvement: aligning curriculum and teaching with state academic standards, frequently monitoring student progress toward the standards, and intervening quickly with targeted help for struggling students.

The dalton ohio school system continually undergoes construction and improvement to schools within the district, meaning these students are at the forefront off technology in education. This provides a major benefit to dalton ohio school system as they have access to first class facilities and equipment in their schools.

The dalton ohio school system is an outstanding system of education and all students that attend the numerous district schools are testament to this. There is a large community feel to all the schools, with parents and teachers alike forming to enhance and improve the school community.

This is for the great benefit of all students in the dalton ohio school system. Most students will move on to university or college after their high school education in Dalton is complete.

By receiving top class education in the dalton ohio school system, students are well prepared for all the trials and tribulations of adult life, as well as tertiary education.If you are in the Ohio state, consider sending your child to a school in the dalton ohio school system, you can rest assured that you will not regret the decision.