Sunday, January 6, 2008

Catholic Girls Schools

Catholic girls schools have become more and more widespread over the last 50 years.Now a days, most countries have several catholic girls schools, and many Christian countries have several catholic girls schools contained within the one city, giving parents a wide choice when it comes to selecting a school for their daughter.

Most catholic girls schools operate much the same as a regular public school does, with the exception of the religious influences and classes. Whilst religion does not impend on regular school classes, students are required to attend at least one religious lesson per week, where they are taught the history and significance of Christianity. catholic girls schools also provide religious instruction from other religions besides Christianity, making catholic girls schools different from schools based on other religions in that they are usually open to accepting and learning about faiths other than their own.

Some catholic girls schools have a stricter regime in that they encourage the girls to study towards becoming a nun. These kind of catholic girls schools are often boarding schools and often are not attached to the regular catholic girls schools education organizations. It is these particular catholic girls schools that are often accused of oppressing female growth in society and most female's would not choose to attend these catholic girls schools if it were not for their parents choosing.

An example of catholic girls schools is the famous St Mary's which holds many campuses around the world, but predominately in Christian-based countries including the US, Australia, Europe and the UK.

Catholic girls schools can be found in Muslim and Hindu based countries, however these are rare and student attendance is much lower compared to the western world.

Catholic girls schools focus on teaching students the morals and faith of the Catholic religion, and all catholic girls schools are attached to a church, whereby students gather once or more times a week for prayer services and special occasions such as Holy Communion.

All catholic girls schools hold “rites of passage” events for students, in particular the Holy Communion and Confirmation, as these two rites are performed whilst students are at school age (usually ages 10-15yrs).

Some catholic girls schools combine primary and secondary school into the one campus, ensuring a strong bond is formed between students from age 5 to 18.

It can be said that almost all catholic girls schools provide a tremendous base for girls to complete their education, whilst receiving the spiritual and religious guidance to assist them in decision making and planning for their adult years.It is important parents make an informed choice on which catholic girls school is chosen for their daughter, and often this will be decided by the local parish priest of the church that the family attends.