Sunday, December 30, 2007

Benefits Of School Uniforms

The benefits of school uniforms have been argued by many pro-uniform groups for years.Some of the benefits outlined below are the main points raised when asking what the benefits of school uniforms are.

School uniforms promote unity and community in a school. By being easily identifiable, students can be accountable for their actions in and out of school hours. Usually students will remain better behaved when they are in school uniform.Another benefits of school uniforms is that parents are not pressured to constantly hand over money to their children for the latest and greatest brands of clothing, which as we all know are more often than not ridiculously priced compared to the average cost of school uniforms.

More benefits of school uniforms including government financial support for parents who may struggle with the cost of school uniforms. Governments are not likely to reimburse parents for cost of non-school uniform clothing.

School uniforms make a safer school environment; there is no doubt about that. This is possibly the major one of the benefits of school uniforms. Students are not under threat of having their expensive shoes and clothes stolen on the way to and from school. Also students cannot congregate into "gang colors" which often happens in schools where there are no uniforms.

Another one of the benefits of school uniforms is easily spotting a member of the public who may illegally wander on to the school grounds, possibly endangering students. Uniformed students will easily make strangers stand out.

Benefits of school uniforms include students concentrating more on school work and not on what they are wearing. Students of teenage years are in their most influential years and will go to great lengths to impress their friends with the latest brands of clothing.Having a uniform eliminates this behavior at school and allows students to focus on their work, not on their fashion.

Many studies have shown that students with high self esteem perform better in school by eliminating a reason to feel self-conscious; uniforms can help improve children's self-confidence and may lead to greater class participation which is only a good thing.

The benefits of school uniforms outweigh the negatives by a long margin.It can be plainly seen that students perform better when a uniform policy is present, and it is hoped that more schools for start to follow this trend.