Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All-Female Boarding Schools

Adolescence is difficult at the best of times, but for struggling teens, it can feel near impossible to get through. This is where all-female boarding schools step in.The above is especially true for teenage girls who may experience plunging self-esteem and increasing amounts of social pressure. This can be a potential lethal combination for girls already trying to cope with emotional or behavioral problems.

This is why so many parents are turning to all-female boarding schools as a healthy alternative for a daughter in crisis. While critics of all-female boarding schools suggest that it limits a girl’s social and emotional development, both statistical and anecdotal evidence suggest quite the opposite.

Because a all-female boarding schools environment removes the question of “what will the boys think?” Girls are also more willing to engage in more challenging academic pursuits, including advanced, honors and AP courses and simple involvement in class discussions and activities.

For a teenage girl in crisis, the advantages of all-female boarding schools are compounded. As well as the personal and developmental advantages an all-female boarding schools offers each student, all-female boarding schools are also ideal for girls whose self-esteem or emotional concerns have fostered risky behaviors, including substance misuse, eating disorders or an unhealthy choice of peer group.

In each of these cases a all-female boarding schools environment offers girls the warmth, care and support they need to make positive, healthy life-changes. Performance in all areas of personal growth usually improves noticeably when struggling girls are placed in all-female boarding schools educational environment.

All-female boarding schools make a point of providing girls with a curriculum and a community structured around healthy interaction with peers of both sexes. This is usually in the form of chaperoned activities, course work or study groups with other schools. They also offer girls the chance to build valuable emotional and personal skills in an atmosphere devoid of the social pressures inherent in a co-ed setting. As a result, girls who previously struggled with issues of confidence, ability and even personal appearance find themselves in an environment where healthy risk-taking and experimentation is encouraged.

>Instead of a one size fits all approach, all-female boarding schools are designed around the very specific needs and issues faced by teen girls. They also boast the benefit of mentors and professional counselors experienced in guiding and supporting teen girls through the process of making positive life changes.

If all-female boarding schools sound like an option for your daughter, make sure you shop around carefully and choose the all-female boarding schools that is right for your daughters needs.