Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Albemarle Public Schools

Albemarle public schools are located in the albemarle county area.

The Albemarle public schools in the County consist of elementary, middle and high schools. The elementary Albemarle public schools are Agnor-Hurt, Baker-Butler, Broadus Wood, Brownsville, Cale, Crozet, Greer, Hollymead, Stone-Robinson, Stony Point, Woodbrook, Yancey, Red Hill, Scottsville, Murray and Meriweather Lewis. There are five middle albemarle public schools, including Burley, Henley, Jouett, Sutherland and Walton. In addition to these are the albemarle public schools high school Albemarle, Monticello, Murray and Western Albemarle.

Cale School in particular provides students from a non-American background with a high standard of education. Many students may have little English skills; however these are greatly developed in the early school years.

Students learn to interact with children of different background and culture’s; making Albemarle public schools a rich learning environment, both academically and socially. Cale even held a “Geography Bee” fundraising day which managed to raise around $1300 in fund for the 2004 tsunami victims. Children were able to learn more about the tragic affects of the tsunami whilst at the same time pouring out their generosity. This was a fantastic learning experience for the students.

All of these schools provide excellent educational resources and locations for students to undertake their schooling years.

Albemarle public schools consist of instructional programs and courses in many different syllabuses including world languages, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, health and PR and home schooling.

There are also many special programs in Albemarle public schools including character education, where students are encouraged to build their own characters in a healthy, encouraging environment. Other Albemarle public schools special programs are the Gifted and Talented program for especially skilled and advanced students.

Albemarle public schools provide community education in and out of school time, including adult and migrant education which assist new members of the community to fit in, learn the language and also learn the American way of life.

The above programs are just a small example of some of the many enriched learning opportunities available at Albemarle public schools, a place where you should have no hesitation in sending your children to for an education.