Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Accredited Private High Schools

Accredited private high schools are usually accredited by government or private organizations to say that they are valid education institutions and are safe place of learning for students.

By attending accredited private high schools, students are attending schools that have been audited and are operating in accordance with the local, state and federal laws within their country.

Accreditation of a school helps parents in choosing accredited private high schools as they know which ones have been tested and approved to provide quality education.

If a private high school is not accredited under the accredited private high schools scheme then it is likely that the school does not adhere to curriculum standards and that by sending your child to that school, he or she may miss out on required fields of studies that would have to be undertaken in accredited private high schools.

When choosing a private high school for your child you should always check if it is one of the accredited private high schools.You can conduct this check by simply asking the school principal to see the accreditation certificate, although most accredited schools will clearly advertise the fact that they are one of the accredited private high schools, as this helps to boost their enrolment numbers.

Accredited private high schools may be eligible for funding that non-accredited schools are not eligible for.This is one primary reason that private high schools become accredited in the first place.

Whilst accreditation does not mean that the private high school will necessarily provide a better education, it usually means that the teachers have undergone the same education as public high school teachers, and that is that they have a university degree.

Some non-accredited schools may hire teachers based on their life work experience and not on their teaching credentials. This can be harmful for the students because although the teacher is knowledgeable on the topic, he or she is not equipped to be a teacher in accredited private high schools.

It can be clearly seen that choosing accredited private high schools over non-accredited ones will greatly increase the standard of education you or your child receives at high school.