Sunday, December 30, 2007

Benefits Of School Uniforms

The benefits of school uniforms have been argued by many pro-uniform groups for years.Some of the benefits outlined below are the main points raised when asking what the benefits of school uniforms are.

School uniforms promote unity and community in a school. By being easily identifiable, students can be accountable for their actions in and out of school hours. Usually students will remain better behaved when they are in school uniform.Another benefits of school uniforms is that parents are not pressured to constantly hand over money to their children for the latest and greatest brands of clothing, which as we all know are more often than not ridiculously priced compared to the average cost of school uniforms.

More benefits of school uniforms including government financial support for parents who may struggle with the cost of school uniforms. Governments are not likely to reimburse parents for cost of non-school uniform clothing.

School uniforms make a safer school environment; there is no doubt about that. This is possibly the major one of the benefits of school uniforms. Students are not under threat of having their expensive shoes and clothes stolen on the way to and from school. Also students cannot congregate into "gang colors" which often happens in schools where there are no uniforms.

Another one of the benefits of school uniforms is easily spotting a member of the public who may illegally wander on to the school grounds, possibly endangering students. Uniformed students will easily make strangers stand out.

Benefits of school uniforms include students concentrating more on school work and not on what they are wearing. Students of teenage years are in their most influential years and will go to great lengths to impress their friends with the latest brands of clothing.Having a uniform eliminates this behavior at school and allows students to focus on their work, not on their fashion.

Many studies have shown that students with high self esteem perform better in school by eliminating a reason to feel self-conscious; uniforms can help improve children's self-confidence and may lead to greater class participation which is only a good thing.

The benefits of school uniforms outweigh the negatives by a long margin.It can be plainly seen that students perform better when a uniform policy is present, and it is hoped that more schools for start to follow this trend.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Behavior Modification Boarding Schools

Families today face challenges and struggles that often seem unbearable. The stress, challenges and difficulty of working with a teenager who is increasingly more and more out of control is one of the most painful experiences a parent can face. Parents frequently blame themselves for the problems their children are facing. Behavior modification boarding schools can assist parents in controlling their child’s behavior.

Parents looking for help outside the home often feel uncertain, scared, and many times doubtful about the future. The decision to place a child outside in behavior modification boarding schools is a stressful one.

Behavior modification boarding schools can face the difficult challenge of turning difficult teens around. The staff at behavior modification boarding schools should be comprised of well trained professionals experienced at working with adolescents.

Behavior modification boarding schools assure families that there is a wonderful future ahead for their child and family. There are many behavior modification boarding schools for teens with behavioral problems, emotional problems or learning problems. By combining a warm, caring, structured environment, students will develop self-esteem, self-awareness, self-reliance and self management in behavior modification boarding schools.

Behavior modification boarding schools assist children with difficulties to develop their intellectual, social, physical, and moral potentials, thereby providing them with the necessary skills to be successful in life. These children may otherwise miss out on these opportunities if they were put in a regular school and not behavior modification boarding schools.

Some students in behavior modification boarding schools may have conditions such as dyslexia or attention deficits. Others have a history of generalized underachievement, usually because their learning style is not being considered in their current academic situation.

Students usually show a significant increase in self-confidence and good study habits after a short time at behavior modification boarding schools due to the structured, closely supervised and highly personal environment of behavior modification boarding schools.

Behavior modification boarding schools have small classes; most behavior modification boarding schools have less than 12 students per class.

Behavior modification boarding schools are an excellent way for parents to allow their children with behavior problems to learn in a neutral, caring environment without worrying whether their child will receive the attention they deserve at school.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All-Female Boarding Schools

All-female boarding schools exist to promote the growth and well-being of female students in a strictly female environment, without the influence and distraction of males of which would be found in non all-female boarding schools.

All-female boarding schools exist all around the world, which means if you are looking for a boarding school for your daughter, choosing from the best all-female boarding schools ensures your child is in a happy and productive learning environment at their boarding school, and surrounded by mature and positive female influences.

Some all-female boarding schools are run by religious institutions and some are privately run and funded solely by parents.By sending your daughter to an all-female boarding school, she will learn to be sufficient and dependant on her own and with the assistance of other females. Often the presence of males in education systems can be a large detriment to the education of females, with grades dropping and concentration remarkably lost.In all-female boarding schools, these distractions do not exist which can only be a positive influence on the girls.

Parents who are evaluating all-female boarding schools for their daughter may feel overwhelmed by all the options and different schools from which to make this all important decision for their daughter’s future.This choice can be made easier by actually going to a few all-female boarding schools and visiting the teachers and principal. Having a chat with these people about your needs and your daughter’s needs will greatly assist you as a family in choosing the right all-female boarding school.

Placing your daughter in one of the all-female boarding schools ensures they are on the right track to success in life. Often students do not receive the important life lessons when they attend a regular day school.All-female boarding schools ensure this is not the case, with girls receiving 24 hour/7 day intuition and education.

Girls who attend all-female boarding schools often make remarkable advances in academic performance and attitudes in a concentrated period of time; compared to if they were attending a day school. They return home with a new, more positive outlook on life and parents are often amazed at the transition.

It is vital you become in educated in the choices when selecting an all-female boarding school for your daughter as it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All Girls Boarding High Schools

The Benefits of Attending all girls boarding high schools are wide and varied. They are also quite numerous.All girls boarding high schools students learn to be their best selves, competent and comfortable with whom they are.All girls boarding high schools help girls achieve these goals.

All girls boarding high schools classrooms are places where education is prized, where teachers feel empowered, where girls are excited about being in school and where confidence can grow.

Girls in all girls boarding high schools think, interact, display leadership and make decisions in a way that is unique both psychologically and develop-mentally in a free though environment.

All girls boarding high schools provide girls a certain comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interests, especially as they approach adolescence. Research has found that single-sex schools and classes promote less-gender-polarized attitudes toward certain subjects – math and science in the case of girls and language arts and foreign languages in the case of boys."

What unites all girls boarding high schools is a long-standing commitment to learning environments that place girls first and foremost. What sets them apart from other educational settings is an in-depth understanding of how girls learn and succeed.

It has been proven that males learn differently to females, therefore all girls boarding high schools are highly beneficial to girls without the distraction of males in the classroom.

Since then, all girls boarding high schools have been the subject of increasing interest among researchers, and several major reports have detailed the ways in which all girls boarding high schools learning environments can be beneficial.

All girls boarding high schools often find themselves better prepared for college than female counterparts from co-educational high schools

All girls boarding high schools students are constantly challenged, stimulated, exposed to new ideas, encouraged and supported." The students develop a strong sense of self and the confidence to make important choices in their life.

>All girls boarding high schools help to improve student achievement by allowing girls to not be self conscious in front of male class mates, as is often the case in co-education high schools.

Many countries overseas have significant student populations enrolled in all girls boarding high schools, and collect detailed statistics for comparison purposes. In Great Britain, the National Foundation for Educational Research examined student performance data from 979 primary and 2,954 secondary schools. Among its objectives was to test assertions that single-sex education can be beneficial for girls and boys alike. The study concluded that all girls boarding high schools help counter gender-stereotyping in subject choices.

It can be safely stated that girls in all girls boarding high schools perform better than girls in co-education schools, regardless of socio-economic and ability levels.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All-Female Boarding Schools

Adolescence is difficult at the best of times, but for struggling teens, it can feel near impossible to get through. This is where all-female boarding schools step in.The above is especially true for teenage girls who may experience plunging self-esteem and increasing amounts of social pressure. This can be a potential lethal combination for girls already trying to cope with emotional or behavioral problems.

This is why so many parents are turning to all-female boarding schools as a healthy alternative for a daughter in crisis. While critics of all-female boarding schools suggest that it limits a girl’s social and emotional development, both statistical and anecdotal evidence suggest quite the opposite.

Because a all-female boarding schools environment removes the question of “what will the boys think?” Girls are also more willing to engage in more challenging academic pursuits, including advanced, honors and AP courses and simple involvement in class discussions and activities.

For a teenage girl in crisis, the advantages of all-female boarding schools are compounded. As well as the personal and developmental advantages an all-female boarding schools offers each student, all-female boarding schools are also ideal for girls whose self-esteem or emotional concerns have fostered risky behaviors, including substance misuse, eating disorders or an unhealthy choice of peer group.

In each of these cases a all-female boarding schools environment offers girls the warmth, care and support they need to make positive, healthy life-changes. Performance in all areas of personal growth usually improves noticeably when struggling girls are placed in all-female boarding schools educational environment.

All-female boarding schools make a point of providing girls with a curriculum and a community structured around healthy interaction with peers of both sexes. This is usually in the form of chaperoned activities, course work or study groups with other schools. They also offer girls the chance to build valuable emotional and personal skills in an atmosphere devoid of the social pressures inherent in a co-ed setting. As a result, girls who previously struggled with issues of confidence, ability and even personal appearance find themselves in an environment where healthy risk-taking and experimentation is encouraged.

>Instead of a one size fits all approach, all-female boarding schools are designed around the very specific needs and issues faced by teen girls. They also boast the benefit of mentors and professional counselors experienced in guiding and supporting teen girls through the process of making positive life changes.

If all-female boarding schools sound like an option for your daughter, make sure you shop around carefully and choose the all-female boarding schools that is right for your daughters needs.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Albemarle Public Schools

Albemarle public schools are located in the albemarle county area.

The Albemarle public schools in the County consist of elementary, middle and high schools. The elementary Albemarle public schools are Agnor-Hurt, Baker-Butler, Broadus Wood, Brownsville, Cale, Crozet, Greer, Hollymead, Stone-Robinson, Stony Point, Woodbrook, Yancey, Red Hill, Scottsville, Murray and Meriweather Lewis. There are five middle albemarle public schools, including Burley, Henley, Jouett, Sutherland and Walton. In addition to these are the albemarle public schools high school Albemarle, Monticello, Murray and Western Albemarle.

Cale School in particular provides students from a non-American background with a high standard of education. Many students may have little English skills; however these are greatly developed in the early school years.

Students learn to interact with children of different background and culture’s; making Albemarle public schools a rich learning environment, both academically and socially. Cale even held a “Geography Bee” fundraising day which managed to raise around $1300 in fund for the 2004 tsunami victims. Children were able to learn more about the tragic affects of the tsunami whilst at the same time pouring out their generosity. This was a fantastic learning experience for the students.

All of these schools provide excellent educational resources and locations for students to undertake their schooling years.

Albemarle public schools consist of instructional programs and courses in many different syllabuses including world languages, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, health and PR and home schooling.

There are also many special programs in Albemarle public schools including character education, where students are encouraged to build their own characters in a healthy, encouraging environment. Other Albemarle public schools special programs are the Gifted and Talented program for especially skilled and advanced students.

Albemarle public schools provide community education in and out of school time, including adult and migrant education which assist new members of the community to fit in, learn the language and also learn the American way of life.

The above programs are just a small example of some of the many enriched learning opportunities available at Albemarle public schools, a place where you should have no hesitation in sending your children to for an education.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Effect Of Advertisements On Children In Public Schools

Do advertisements in public schools affect student learning? In most schools there is some form of advertisement, even if we do no notice it everyday, it is there. From pop machines, to lunch room signs, to sporting equipment and posters. Advertisements in public schools have the potential to entice children to buy these particular products, or as is mainly the case, to entice their parents to purchase the products.

Placing advertisements in public schools in carefully chosen positions around the school can greatly influence how, when, where and for how long a student will view a particular advertisement. For example, putting advertisements in public schools on the wall of the lunch room will get a slight amount of attention from children; however it will not get as much attention as placing an advertisement inside the classroom. This is because children are often bored and "daydreaming" in class and their eyes may wander around the room. If there are advertisements in public schools around the room, the children often become distracted, and may train themselves into thinking they need that product that is being portrayed in the advertisement.

Advertisements in public schools can greatly influence the brands and products that students ask their parents to buy from them. A tactic that someone food companies take is to place advertisements in public schools in select spots around the school. When a student sees an ad for a particular brand of food, they are more likely to purchase that brand for lunch, rather than a brand that they are not familiar with or have not been exposed to advertisements in public schools for.

An example of this tactic is ice cream brands. One ice cream company may have advertisements children in public schools placed all around the school in tactical positions. These children eventually become aware of this brand of ice cream, and naturally they will choose this brand when purchasing an ice cream at lunch time. Even though there might be three or four other ice cream brands available, 9/10 kids will automatically and instinctively choose the ice cream brand that they are familiar with, simply because it rings a bell in their brain.

It is all about familiarity and brand awareness, and the big companies know this. If they can place advertisements in public schools at an early stage of a child's schooling life, the child will eventually become accustomed to this brand, making it a big win for the food companies.

Many parents are not happy about advertisements in public schools, however there is little they can do. Companies often pay schools to advertise within the grounds, and this is, money most schools vitally need to stay alive.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Adrian Public School In Michigan

Adrian public school in Michigan is located at the geographical center of one of the richest agricultural regions in Michigan. Adrian public school in Michigan consists of almost 4000 students and 4 elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school.The schools provide gifted and talented programs, vocational learning, sporting opportunities and adult education.

Adrian public school in Michigan is located in a multi-cultural society and as such, recognizes the need to cater for all cultures including people of differing ethnic, political, economic and religious backgrounds. It is this awareness and embracement of the wide range of cultures within the community that sets adrian public school in mi apart from other schools in the region.

Some of the Adrian public school in Michigan institutions are Lincoln Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Michener Elementary and Adrian High School.

All Adrian public school in Michigan curriculum's emphasizes reading and mathematics as well as physical education, music classes and art. All grades have access to technology and innovative programs to ensure the success and broadened education of students.

Adrian public school in Michigan has a universal mission statement and critical success factors. To quote from the school itself - "The mission of Adrian Public Schools is to provide, in partnership with parents and our community, quality educational opportunities that challenge students to excel academically and socially to become contributing citizens".

Adrian public school in Michigan develops goals related to each success factor for the students. The implementation of these goals and strategies ensure a bright future is built for the students of Adrian public school in Michigan.

Ron Rowley is the President and Jon Baucher is the vice president of Adrian public school in Michigan. There are also four trustees. The board holds meetings one or two times a month to discuss issues and developments of Adrian public school in Michigan. Parents are encouraged to raise issues with board members to be discussed at meetings.

Adrian public school in mi is an excellent education institution, no matter which campus you choose for your child.It is a highly recommended education facility for any parent wanting the best for their child.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Accredited Private High Schools

Accredited private high schools are usually accredited by government or private organizations to say that they are valid education institutions and are safe place of learning for students.

By attending accredited private high schools, students are attending schools that have been audited and are operating in accordance with the local, state and federal laws within their country.

Accreditation of a school helps parents in choosing accredited private high schools as they know which ones have been tested and approved to provide quality education.

If a private high school is not accredited under the accredited private high schools scheme then it is likely that the school does not adhere to curriculum standards and that by sending your child to that school, he or she may miss out on required fields of studies that would have to be undertaken in accredited private high schools.

When choosing a private high school for your child you should always check if it is one of the accredited private high schools.You can conduct this check by simply asking the school principal to see the accreditation certificate, although most accredited schools will clearly advertise the fact that they are one of the accredited private high schools, as this helps to boost their enrolment numbers.

Accredited private high schools may be eligible for funding that non-accredited schools are not eligible for.This is one primary reason that private high schools become accredited in the first place.

Whilst accreditation does not mean that the private high school will necessarily provide a better education, it usually means that the teachers have undergone the same education as public high school teachers, and that is that they have a university degree.

Some non-accredited schools may hire teachers based on their life work experience and not on their teaching credentials. This can be harmful for the students because although the teacher is knowledgeable on the topic, he or she is not equipped to be a teacher in accredited private high schools.

It can be clearly seen that choosing accredited private high schools over non-accredited ones will greatly increase the standard of education you or your child receives at high school.

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